Oscar Penas presenting Almadraba Suite in Cuba

Full Itinerary

Join us in this exciting trip where you will be able to participate in a day trip at Varadero famous peninsula, visit Museo de Bellas Artes, El Capitolio, the rich modern architectural site now known as the Instiuto Superior de Arte, ISA (home of the five National Art Schools: Music, Modern Dance, Fine Arts, Ballet, and Dramatic Arts), Hemingway’s house, UNESCO World Heritage site of Habana Center and its Fortifications System and many more! Additional stops and unique dining locations will make this a memorable and rewarding travel experience! And more important, to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime people to people concert and cultural travel tour to Cuba that brings together Cuban and international musicians for the world premier of Almadraba, a Suite composed by Oscar Peñas that captures the essence of the eponymous millenarian ritual, weaving the musical story of a sustainable fishing tradition. Extra plus meet the musicians back stage and learn about ALMADRABA project and /or become a producer for the project. Cuba Life Travels, LLC together with Almadraba project will take you there from May 22nd to 29th. 

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