Cuba Life Travel, LLC provides people-to-people full tour engagement with the Cuban people.  We provide a full service to our travelers, including, but not limited to air travel, (from Miami International Airport to Cuba round trip), ground transportation, hotel, meals and guided tours in Cuba.  Cuba Life Travels, LLC is open to all scholars, students, researchers, professionals, individuals and organizations who are interested in visiting the island.  This includes anyone who wants to conduct scholarly research, write a paper, do follow up presentations or have a true first-hand People-to-People encounter with the residents of the island.

Our people-to-people itineraries/tours range from general interactions with the public throughout the entire country, to groups with specific interests, such as, but not limited to, the business community, the arts, and Cuba’s legal or medical community.  Our itineraries touch on each of these areas and could be tailored to your needs accordingly.

For example, for travelers interested in Cuba’s judicial system, we will visit and meet with law schools, law students, as well as practicing lawyers and judges.

For those interested in Cuba’s health system, we will meet with doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals and visit various community clinics, hospitals and pharmacies throughout the island.

Scholars and academics who tour with us will visit various universities and schools throughout the island and partake in morning classes with Cuban professors.